Bibliography Key
Setting Notes
11Coldest Place, The1964-12Known Space [all] Summary
Niven's first published story saw print right around the same time that scientists determined with radar pulses that Mercury doesn't keep one face to the sun after all.
22World of Ptavvs1965-03Known Space [all] Expanded into novel form in 1966, see World of Ptavvs
33Wrong-Way Street1965-04Time Travel/Parallel Universe Summary
A stand-alone time-travel story. Niven credits his editor, Fred Pohl, with a great deal of help with this story: "He published my second story, "Wrong Way Street," in Galaxy. The title is his. He felt it needed a new first chapter for coherency, and he wrote that too."
Note that the story reappears in Convergent Series without the hyphen in the title.
44One Face1965-06Known Space: Prototype Summary
Stand-alone, NOT a Known Space story though it contains names and themes that were later folded into Known Space
55Becalmed in Hell1965-07Known Space [all] Summary
sequel to Coldest Place, The
66Warriors, The1966-02Known Space: Man-Kzin Wars Summary
1st Man-Kzin War story
77Eye of an Octopus1966-02Known Space [all] Summary
Discovery of Martians
88Bordered in Black1966-04Known Space: Prototype Summary
stand-alone, not a Known Space story though the Hyperspace "blind spot" was later incorporated into Known Space.
99By Mind Alone1966-06stand-alone Summary
stand-alone story about teleportation
1010World of Ptavvs1966-08Known Space [all] Review
Expanded version of the novella World of Ptavvs
1111How the Heroes Die1966-10Known Space [all] Summary
murder on Mars, and Martians
1212Neutron Star1966-10Known Space [all] Summary
First Beowulf Shaeffer story
first story set in the hyperdrive era of Known Space.
1313At the Core1966-11Known Space [all] Summary
Beowulf discovers the core of the galaxy is exploding. First appearance of Long Shot
1414At the Bottom of a Hole1966-12Known Space [all] Summary
1515Relic of the Empire, A1966-12Known Space [all] Summary
1st story that ties the world of Luke Garner to the world of Beowulf Shaeffer
1616Soft Weapon, The1967-02Known Space [all] Summary
Introduction of Nessus
later made into "The Slaver Weapon," an animated Star Trek script, with Spock in Nessus' role.
See: Slaver Weapon, The
1718Flatlander1967-03Known Space [all] Summary
First appearance of Outsiders
1817Long Night, The1967-03stand-alone Summary
a.k.a. "Convergent Series"
1919Ethics of Madness, The1967-04Known Space: Prototype Summary
First description of Plateau
dates and technology make this story inconsistent with Known Space chronology. Chronologically this is the last story set in pre-hyperdrive Known Space.
2020Safe at Any Speed1967-05Known Space [all] Summary
The "Last" Known Space story
2121Adults, The1967-06Known Space [all] Summary
Protector part 1
2222Jigsaw Man, The1967-08Known Space [all] Summary
1st organ transplant story, paving the way for the Gil Hamilton stories.
2323Handicapped, The1967-12Known Space [all] Summary
Grogs, a.k.a. "Handicap"
2424Slowboat Cargo1968-02Known Space [all] A Gift from Earth serialization
2525Deceivers, The1968-04Known Space [all] Summary
a.k.a. "Intent to Deceive"
2727Grendel1968-04Known Space [all] Summary
At one point, Emil is referred to as "Jilson," a name from Handicapped, The
2626Neutron Star1968-04Known Space: Collection Collected stories of Beowulf Shaeffer, as well as other Known Space stories.
Neutron Star
At the Core
Relic of the Empire, A
Soft Weapon, The
Ethics of Madness, The
Handicapped, The
2828Dry Run1968-05stand-alone Summary
crime story with a metaphysical twist
2929Deadlier Weapon, The1968-06stand-alone Summary
crime story, not SF
Frequently asked question: "Is this a true story?" Answer: No.
3030There is a Tide1968-06Known Space [all] Summary
First appearance of Louis Wu and his "sabbaticals," as well as Trinocs.
3131Wait it Out1968-07Known Space [all] Summary
Harlan Ellison called this a "new wave" story.
3232For a Foggy Night1968-07Time Travel/Parallel Universe Summary
3333Like Banquo's Ghost1968-08stand-alone Summary
3434Gift from Earth, A 1968-09Known Space [all] Review
detailed description of Mt. Lookatthat and Matt Keller's psychic power: "Plateau Eyes"
3535Meddler, The1968-10stand-alone Summary
sci-fi noir crime mash-up
3636All the Myriad Ways1968-10Time Travel/Parallel Universe Summary
Niven's take on divergent timelines
3790Down in Flames1969-00Known Space: About Summary
Read It!
Destruction of Known Space, inspired by a conversation with Norman Spinrad. Never written beyond the outline phase
Niven started writing Ringworld shortly after instead. Though this saw print in 1969, it appears much further down the list in Niven's published bibliographies.
3837Organleggers, The1969-01Known Space: Gil Hamilton Summary
First Gil Hamilton story, featuring Luke Garner as Gil's boss. A.k.a. "Death By Ecstasy"
3940Shape of Space, The 1969-01n/a Early Niven Collection, later combined into Convergent Series.
At the Bottom of a Hole
Bordered in Black
Deadlier Weapon, The
Dry Run
How the Heroes Die
Like Banquo's Ghost
Long Night, The
Meddler, The
One Face
Organleggers, The
Safe at Any Speed
Warriors, The
4038Exercise in Speculation: The Theory and Practice of Teleportation1969-03non-fiction [all] Summary
Discussion of teleportation as personal transportation and even as an interstellar drive.
4139Not Long Before the End1969-04Magic Universe: Warlock Summary
1st Warlock story
4243Get a Horse!1969-10Svetz Summary
First Svetz story, renamed "Flight of the Horse."
4346Unfinished Story1969-12Magic Universe: Warlock Summary
short short story, later renamed "Unfinished Story #1."
4542Passerby1969-12Léshy Summary
Léshy Circuit
4441Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex1969-12DC Universe Summary
Read It!
Entertaining speculation on Superman's sex life on Earth, including a discussion of how to preserve the Kryptonian race. Often quoted, but almost never illustrated, thanks to DC Comics' legal department.
4644Misspelled Magician, The1970-05stand-alone Collaboration, co-written with David Gerrold, a.k.a. "The Misspelled Magishun"
expanded as Flying Sorcerers, The
4747Leviathan!1970-08Svetz Summary
Svetz meets Moby Dick
4845Bird in the Hand1970-10Svetz Summary
Svetz, cars and Rocs. Niven's published bibliographies mistakenly list the publication year as 1969, not 1970.
4958Ringworld1970-10Known Space: Ringworld Review
Niven's best-known novel brings together Nessus & Louis Wu from previous Known Space stories
Ringworld has spawned 3 sequels and a role-playing game, among other things. Though it was first printed in 1970, it appears farther down the list in Niven's published bibliographies.
5354All the Myriad Ways1971-06n/a Contents:
All the Myriad Ways
For a Foggy Night
Wait it Out
Jigsaw Man, The
Not Long Before the End
Unfinished Story
Unfinished Story #2
Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex
Exercise in Speculation: The Theory and Practice of Teleportation
Theory and Practice of Time Travel, The
Inconstant Moon
What Can You Say About Chocolate Covered Manhole Covers?
Becalmed in Hell
5456Unfinished Story #21971-06stand-alone Summary
short short story
5548No Exit1971-06stand-alone Summary
Collaboration, co-written with Hank Stine (who has since become Jean Marie Stine--the e-Book edition lists Jean Marie Stine as Niven's co-author).
5049There's a Wolf in My Time Machine1971-06Svetz Summary
Svetz meets a new pet
5155Inconstant Moon1971-06stand-alone Summary
Made into an episode of "Outer Limits," mid 1990s
5257What Can You Say About Chocolate Covered Manhole Covers?1971-06stand-alone Summary
The American Dental Association says they are bad for children's teeth.
First appeared in All the Myriad Ways
5753Flying Sorcerers, The1971-08stand-alone Review
Collaboration, co-written with David Gerrold, expanded version of Misspelled Magician, The
56 Pastel Terror, The1971-08Star Trek Summary
Read It!
Outline for a Star Trek plot, never offered to the show
also appeared in APA-L.
59103Last Necronomicon, The1971-10stand-alone Summary
Read It!
Niven's published bibliographies list it much further down, but Carol Phillips' research indicates it appeared in October 1971.
5886My Universe and Welcome To It!1971-10Known Space: About Summary
Introduction to Known Space.
6051Rammer1971-11The State [all] Summary
Chapter 1 of World Out Of Time, A
6161Cloak of Anarchy1972-03Known Space [all] Read It!
The story that led to a duel
see Convention Stories
6250Fourth Profession, The1972-08Léshy Summary
Monks and bartenders
6352What Good is a Glass Dagger?1972-09Magic Universe: Warlock Summary
Werewolves and necromancy and trolls, oh my!
6760Inconstant Moon1973-00n/a Sphere edition does not contain "The Long Night" (as "Convergent Series"), "The Deadlier Weapon", "Wait it Out", "Not Long Before the End" and "Passerby" however, the Gollancz edition does.
At the Bottom of a Hole
Becalmed in Hell
Bordered in Black
How the Heroes Die
Inconstant Moon
One Face
Organleggers, The
Deadlier Weapon, The
Long Night, The
Not Long Before the End
Wait it Out
6662Recipes1973-00non-fiction [all] From "Anne McCaffrey's cookbook, featuring real (you can cook them) recipes created by science fiction and fantasy writers such as Harlan Ellison, Ursula K. Le Guin, Avram Davidson and of course Anne McCaffrey herself. Mixed in with the recipes are stories and anecdotes about how they were created - some longer than the recipes!" This classic from 1973 was revised and re-released by Wildside Press in 1992. The included Niven recipes (irish coffee and others) seem to be intended for a bartender rather than a chef, but then that's the role Niven often finds himself performing at conventions.
6469Defenseless Dead, The1973-00Known Space: Gil Hamilton Summary
"Corpsicles" and an unexpected hiding place for an organlegger
6559Flash Crowd1973-00Flash Crowd/Teleportation Summary
This story introduced "flash crowds," instant mobs that are a by-product of cheap, worldwide teleportation technology. Niven wrote several sequels to this story, further addressing the various issues posed by instantaneous travel (and suggesting interesting solutions).
Jansen is spelled "Jensen" in the Flight of the Horse printing.
This story was recently expanded and re-published as Red Tide
6866Theory and Practice of Time Travel, The1973-04non-fiction [all] Summary
6967Alibi Machine, The1973-06Flash Crowd/Teleportation Summary
teleportation crime story
7068All the Bridges Rusting1973-08Flash Crowd/Teleportation Summary
teleportation as a form of space travel
7363Protector1973-09Known Space [all] Review
Brand-new assumption introduced to Known Space: humanity is descended from the Pak. The novel 's second section is called "Vandervecken," and takes place in 2340. The first part is Adults, The
72 Afterword1973-09non-fiction [all] A word how the Svetz stories came to be written.
7464Flight of the Horse, The 1973-09Svetz Contents:
Get a Horse!
Bird in the Hand
There's a Wolf in My Time Machine
Death in a Cage
What Good is a Glass Dagger?
Flash Crowd
7165Death in a Cage1973-09Svetz Summary
Svetz meets Death?
75 Slaver Weapon, The1973-12Star Trek Airdate Dec. 15, 1973. This script (and the book adaptation that followed) sparked the ongoing debate about the existence of Kzinti in the Star Trek universe. Based on Soft Weapon, The
7670Hole Man, The1974-01stand-alone Summary
Quantum Black Hole as a murder weapon
7771$16,9401974-02stand-alone Summary
crime, not SF
short blackmail story
7872Bigger Than Worlds1974-03non-fiction [all] Summary
discussion of the Ringworld and other macrostructures. Illustrated by Ames
7973Kind of Murder, A1974-04Flash Crowd/Teleportation Summary
teleportation crime story
8175Last Days of the Permanent Floating Riot Club, The1974-06Flash Crowd/Teleportation Summary
The final story in Niven's teleportation/crime cycle shows Jerryberry's "Riot Control" concept in action.
8074Hole in Space, A 1974-06n/a Contents:
Alibi Machine, The
All the Bridges Rusting
Bigger Than Worlds
Fourth Profession, The
Hole Man, The
Kind of Murder, A
Last Days of the Permanent Floating Riot Club, The
There is a Tide
8377Night on Mispec Moor1974-08Léshy Summary
Sci-fi sword-and-sorcery horror story
8276Plaything1974-08stand-alone Summary
alien adolescents encounter a probe from Earth
8481Singularities Make Me Nervous1974-09stand-alone Summary
time travel paradox
85 Land of the Lost: "Downstream"1974-09Land of the Lost Collaboration, co-written with David Gerrold
airdate September 28, 1974