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396 Bowl of Heaven2012-10stand-alone Summary
Collaboration with Gregory Benford, set on a macrostructure that some have called "Wok World," a giant bowl-shaped ship with a sun in the center, serving as a propulsion system. To be continued in Shipstar
393 The Secret of Black Ship Island2012-04Avalon Summary
"Larry Niven and Steve Barnes came over just after my morning walk and we had a conference on a notion for a new book in the Avalon (Beowulf's Children) series. We used Skype to call Dr. Jack Cohen who has agreed to help us construct a new ecological creature to be part of a short novel involving some of the characters from Beowulf's Children." - Jerry Pournelle, 2/14/2011
390 Best of Larry Niven, The2010-11n/a Summary
Introduction by Jerry Pournelle
Becalmed in Hell
Bordered in Black
Neutron Star
Soft Weapon, The
Jigsaw Man, The
Deadlier Weapon, The
All the Myriad Ways
Not Long Before the End
Man of Steel, Woman of Kleenex
Inconstant Moon
Cloak of Anarchy
Fourth Profession, The
Flash Crowd
Defenseless Dead, The
Get a Horse!
Hole Man, The
Night on Mispec Moor
Magic Goes Away, The
Cautionary Tales
Teardrop Falls, A
Return of William Proxmire, The
Borderland of Sol, The
Smut Talk
Missing Mass, The
389 Betrayer of Worlds2010-10Known Space [all] Summary
Newest collaboration with Ed Lerner
388 Stars and Gods2010-08n/a A collection of excerpts from Niven's short stories and novels from approx 2004 - 2010.
Each selection is accompanied by a brief introduction.
Excerpt from Ringworld's Children
Excerpt from Rainbow Mars
Excerpt from Escape from Hell
Excerpt from Burning Tower
Excerpt from Building Harlequin's Moon
Excerpt from Fleet of Worlds
Excerpt from Juggler of Worlds
Excerpt from Beowulf's Children
Excerpt from Achilles' Choice
Svetz and the Beanstalk
Choosing Names
Hunting Park, The
After Mecca
Cadet Amelia
Cat Toy
Gatherer's Guild, The
Solipsist at Dinner, The
Boys and Girls Together
Rocket Men
Wet Mars (Larry Niven Talks Terraforming)
Where Next, Columbus?
Choosing Life
Free Floaters
Finding Myself
Missing Mass, The
Safe Harbor
Hooking the Reader
Larry Niven Interview by Brenda Cooper in 2000 AD
Food Story for the Con Jose Program Book
Inconstant Moon Has Passed
379 Gates (Variations)2010-07stand-alone Summary
Appears in Gateways, an anthology tribute to Fred Pohl.
375 Strange Light2010-03n/a Chapbook. Three new stories based on the paintings and sculpture of Lisa Snellings-Clark, including a Draco Tavern story. Limited to 1000 copies.
Doubling Rate
Artists, The