World of Ptavvs (#10) 

1966-08Known Space [all] Novelpaper, Ballantine, 1966; Hardcover, MacDonald; paper, Sphere
K.S. 07 (2106)

0-7088-8013-4Larry Niven

French hardback, Le Monde De Ptavvs, 1974 from Editions Opta. Glorious interior illos.;
as Kzanol de Ruimtepraat, from Prism, Het Nederlandse Pocketboek. Copyright 1970 by Het Spetrum;
as El Mundo De Los Ptaavs, paper, Edaf, Madrir, 1976;
German, as Das Doppelhirn, paper, Bastei Lubbe, 1977;
Italian, as Stasi Interrotta, 1976, Fanucci Editore, Eddie Jones cover;
paper, as De Wereld Van De Ptavvs, 1979, Elsevier SF Elevier Nederland B.V., Amsterdam/Brussel;
Three Books of Known Space
World of Ptavvs/A Gift from Earth/Neutron Star
Luke Garner, Larry Greenberg, Kzanol, Lloyd Masney, Charles "Lit" Shaeffer. Expanded version of the novella World of Ptavvs


The Sea Statue, found off the Brazilian continental shelf, is approximately humanoid in shape, and has a mirror surface. Earth's scientists have never linked it to any known culture. It is impervious to all forms of electromagnetic radiation and has remained corrosion free under the sea for an unknown length of time.

This and the mystery of the statue's origin can only be solved by Larry Greenberg, a telepath who communicates with dolphins, and Dorcas Jansky's prototype time- retarding field. The truth proves to be more dangerous than anyone could have imagined.

This was Larry's first published full length novel.

A shorter version of this story appeared in Worlds of Tomorrow, March 1965 (#3).