Borderland of Sol, The (#80)

1975-01Known Space [all] Short StoryAnalog, January 1975
K.S. 28 (2650)

anthology, Black Holes, edited by Jerry Pournelle;
German anthology, Im Grenzland Der Sonne, Wilhelm Meyne Verlag, München;
In Sirius broj 55 (Yugoslavian fanzine), as "Tu Negdje Blizu Sola";
anthology, The Hugo Winners Vol. 4, 1985;
Beyond the Stars, ed. Isaac Asimov, Severn House 1987;
Tales of Known Space
Playgrounds of the Mind
Best of Larry Niven, The
Beowulf Shaeffer;
Sigmund Ausfaller;
Carlos Wu;
Julian Forward
Hugo winner Quantum Black Hole as a murder weapon

First appeared in Analog, January 1975. Eight ships have mysteriously disappeared from Sol System, each winking out of existence as they entered hyperdrive. Spaceship pilot Beowulf Shaeffer and certified genius Carlos Wu join Sigmund Ausfaller of the Extremely Foreign Relations Bureau on an investigative mission aboard Sigmund's Extremely Fast and Heavily Armed spaceship, the Hobo Kelly, not realizing the gravity of the situation...