Inferno (#82) 

1975-08Inferno Novelserial: Galaxy, August-October 1975

0-352-39729-2Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

novel, Pocket Books, paper;
cloth, Allan Wingate (British);
cloth, Gregg Press;
paper, Tokyo Sogensha Co., Ltd.;
cloth, as Questo E L'Inferno, 1978, Armenia Editore, Milano;
Textbook Binding, Gregg Press, June 1979;
"Authors' Preferred Edition," Orb/Tom Doherty Associates, paperback, with a new afterward by the authors, September 2008.
Allen Carpentier;
Ditmars nominee, Hugo nominee, Nebula nominee Collaboration, co-written with Jerry Pournelle
Retelling of Dante's Inferno.


A reworking of Dante Aligheri's two volume classic of life in hell.

An essay comparing it with Dante's Inferno, written by Mary Campbell, written as a term paper for her Science Fiction class at N.C. State University.