Tales of Known Space (#84)

1975-08Known Space: Collection Collectionpaper, Ballantine, 1975

Japanese, paper, from Hayakawa;
as Historias Del Espacio Reconocido, paper, 1978, Edaf, Madrid;
French, as Les conquérants, Corps 9 - Andromède - Maison de la Fiction, 1987, Hervé Gadras, translator;
German, as Geschichten aus dem Ringwelt-Universum, Bastei Lübbe, 1985;
British edition: Orbit, paper, February 1992;
Three Books of Known Space
Collection info
Overview of Known Space. Contents:
"About the Cover" by Rick Sternbach
Timeline for Known Space
My Universe and Welcome To It!
Coldest Place, The
Becalmed in Hell
Wait it Out
Eye of an Octopus
How the Heroes Die
Jigsaw Man, The
At the Bottom of a Hole
Deceivers, The
Cloak of Anarchy
Warriors, The
Borderland of Sol, The
There is a Tide
Safe at Any Speed
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