Neutron Star (#12)

1966-10Known Space [all] Short StoryWorlds of If, October 1966
K.S. 22 (2644)

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World of Ptavvs/A Gift from Earth/Neutron Star
Neutron Star
Best of Larry Niven, The
Beowulf Shaeffer;
Sigmund Ausfaller, puppeteers
Hugo winnerEbook
First Beowulf Shaeffer story
first story set in the hyperdrive era of Known Space.

First published in Worlds of If, October 1966. This Hugo-winning story introduces one of Niven's favorite characters: Beowulf Shaeffer. Out-of-work star pilot Shaeffer is hired by the Puppeteers to find out what got through an impregnable General Products hull and killed the crew while they surveyed a neutron star.