Cruel and Unusual (#99)

1977-05Draco Tavern Short StoryCosmos, May 1977, as Three Vignettes
D.T. 20

anthology, Aliens!, edited by Gardner Dozois and Jack M. Dann (as Four Vignettes);
Convergent Series
Draco Tavern, The
Niven's Laws
Rick Schumann Four Vignettes, along with:
Subject is Closed, The
Grammar Lesson
Assimilating Our Culture, That's What They're Doing!

A Draco Tavern story. After a member of a Chirpsithtra crew is kidnapped and accidentally killed by her abductors, the Chirpsithtra enact the same fatal punishment on the kidnappers themselves. Rick Schumann has to close the Tavern due to lack of customers and explain to the aliens why world opinion is suddenly so anti-Chirp.