Patchwork Girl, The  (#118)

1980-04Known Space: Gil Hamilton Novellaillustrated trade paperback, Ace Books, April 1980
K.S. 14 (2126)

Portuguese, as A Mais Bela da Lua, Lisboa, 1986;
Gil Hamilton;
Hove Watson;
Marion Shaeffer;
Chris Penzler Naomi Horne;
Laura Drury;
Harry McCavity;
Taffy Grimes
Gil goes to the moon. Illustrations by Fernando. Niven's published bibliographies list the publication year as 1978, while the Ace first edition says 1980.

Gil "The Arm" Hamilton attends a conference on the Moon and finds himself investigating a murder... with an old flame heading the suspect list. This was first published as an illustrated novella.