Assimilating Our Culture, That's What They're Doing! (#108)

1978-11Draco Tavern Short StoryDestinies, Nov-Dec 1978, edited by James Baen
D.T. 03

anthology, Aliens!, edited by Gardner Dozois and Jack M. Dann (as Four Vignettes);
anthology, The Best of Destinies, edited by James Baen;
Convergent Series
Draco Tavern, The
Niven's Laws
Playgrounds of the Mind
Rick Schumann Fourth vignette, along with:
Cruel and Unusual
Grammar Lesson
Subject is Closed, The

First appeared in Destinies, Nov-Dec 1978. The Draco Tavern plays host to a member of the first (and only) Embassy visit to the Gligstith(click)tcharf homeworld. As a party of Gligs order their first round of drinks, the Stranger tells why there was no second visit...