Spirals (#111)

1979-04stand-alone Short StoryDestinies, April-June 1979, edited by James Baen

anthology, The Endless Frontier, edited by Jerry Pournelle, November 1979;
anthology, The Best of Destinies, edited by James Baen;
Jack Halfey;
Cornelius L. Riggs;
Admiral Robert McLeve;
Dot Hoffman;
Ty Plauger;
Jill Plauger
Collaboration, co-written with Jerry Pournelle

First appeared in Jim Baen's Destinies, April-June 1979. Cornelius L Riggs, Metallurgist, answers an ad claiming "high pay, long hours, high risk. Guaranteed wealthy in ten years if you live through it." The position turns out to be an engineering post aboard humanity's orbiting habitat. The founders of "the Shack" dream of a liveable biosphere beyond Earth's gravity, a permanent settlement in space. However, Earth's the economic conditions are getting worse, and the supply ships become more and more infrequent...