Relic of the Empire, A (#15)

1966-12Known Space [all] Short StoryWorlds of If, Dec 1966
K.S. 23 (2645)

anthology-textbook, The Great Science Fiction Series, ed. Frederik Pohl, Martin H. Greenberg & Joseph D. Olander, Harper & Row, hardcover with commentary;
in Galactica, Hungarian;
Neutron Star
Playgrounds of the Mind
World of Ptavvs/A Gift from Earth/Neutron Star
Richard Harvey Schultz-Mann 1st story that ties the world of Luke Garner to the world of Beowulf Shaeffer

Dr. Richard Harvey Schulz-Mann, a Xenobiologist investigating the remnants of the Slaver Empire in the Mira Ceti system, is set upon by a gang of Jinxian space pirates. Things don't look too good for Mann until the pirates start using the immature stage trees as firewood... A classic Known Space short story.