Oath of Fealty (#131) 

1981-00stand-alone Novellimited edition with inbound signatures, from Phantasia Press

0-7088-8089-4Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

cloth, Timescape Books (Simon & Schuster/Pocket Books);
paper, Orbit (British);
paper, Pocket Fiction (Simon & Schuster/Pocket)
Prometheus Award nominee Collaboration, co-written with Jerry Pournelle


What a great team Niven and Pournelle are! Here they explore the possible ramifications of the logical extension of something which is becoming common nowadays: closed communities, also known as arcologies.

Todos Santos is such a community, existing in an uneasy relationship with its neighbor, Los Angeles of the future. The social and political aspects of such a situation are examined in great detail.

Definitely worth a read. "Think of it as evolution in action".