Dream Park (#126) 

1981-00Dream Park NovelNovel, cloth, limited edition with inbound signatures, from Phantasia Press

0-7088-2315-7Larry Niven and Steven Barnes

Trade paperback, Ace Books;
cloth, Book Club edition, Ace;
paper, Ace;
British Edition: Orbit, paper, October 1994.
Alex Griffin;
Arthur Cowles;
Marty Bobbick;
Ollie Norliss;
Tony McWhirter;
Gwen Ryder
Collaboration, co-written with Steven Barnes


Dream Park is the amusement park of the future where holograms take the place of rollercoasters and carousels.

While the dialogue and writing style of this book does not have the same character as found in other Larry Niven books I have read, it has both an interesting setting and an exciting story. The concept of the Dream Park is one which would strike a chord in anyone who has ever played a role playing game, and the plot keeps you guessing right up until the end.