Talisman (#132)

1981-11Magic Universe [all] Short StoryFantasy and Science Fiction, November 1981

Far Frontiers, ed. Jerry Pournelle & Jim Baen, Baen 1985;
Invisible Encounter & Other Science Fiction Stories, By J. D. Crayne (a.k.a. Dian Girard), downloadable "MobiPocket" eBook;
More Magic
Magic Goes Away Collection, The
Sung Jo Ka
Collaboration, co-written with Dian Girard

First appeared in Fantasy and Science Fiction, November 1981. A story of magicians and thieves, set in the "Magic Goes Away" era. Sparthera dreams of finding treasure and riches, and will resort to any means necessary to obtain them. A passing Sorcerer gives her the opportunity to steal one of his trinkets, which points the way to a mysterious buried treasure...