Ethics of Madness, The (#19)

1967-04Known Space: Prototype Short StoryWorlds of If, April 1967
K.S. 21a (2425)

World of Ptavvs/A Gift from Earth/Neutron Star
Neutron Star
Douglas Hooker;
Greg Loeffler
First description of Plateau
dates and technology make this story inconsistent with Known Space chronology. Chronologically this is the last story set in pre-hyperdrive Known Space.

Published in Worlds of If, April 1967. Douglas Hooker is a potential paranoid. At 60+ he has behaved himself and kept close to medical treatment all his life, not realizing that his "autodoc" has malfunctioned. When his brain patterns start altering, unnoticeably at first, he concludes that he has done nothing and achieved nothing in his life, thanks to a vast conspiracy against him... so he decides to steal an interstellar ramship.