Footfall (#155) 

1985-05stand-alone NovelDel Rey (Ballantine), May 1985. Cloth. Michael Whelan cover

1-85723-097-3Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle

cloth, Victor Collancz Co., 1985;
British editions: Sphere, paper, September 1986;
Orbit, paper, August 1991;
Bra Spanning, as Invasion;
SFBC, hardbound, December 1985.
Wade Curtis;
Nat Reynolds
Hugo nominee Collaboration, co-written with Jerry Pournelle


The aliens have arrived and they're not pretty... They may look like baby elephants but much they are much more intelligent and deadly, and armed with advanced (borrowed) technology, they soon have the Earth pretty much under their control.

A desperate attack on the aliens mother ship has only the slimmest chance of succeeding.

The character of Harry Reddington is based on the Late Frank Gasperik. The book also features several other familiar folks, in different guises.