Brenda (#162)

1988-07Motie NovellaNew Destinies, spring 1988

War World #2, Death's Head Rebellion, ed. Jerry Pournelle, Baen 1990;
Brenda Curtis, Terry Kakumee Niven elaborates on the "Sauron supermen" mentioned briefly in Mote in God's Eye, The

Appeared in New Destinies, Vol III, ed. Jim Baen, 1988; and War World Vol. II: Death’s Head Rebellion, ed. Jerry Pournelle, 1990. Set in Jerry Pournelle's CoDominion universe (also known as the "Motie" universe), in a post-war economy circa the year 2650. Following the war, a lone female is found wandering half-dead in a swamp following an attack by Sauron Supermen. As the story jumps back and forth between the present day world of Tanith and Brenda's past, Terry Kakumee finally works out the truth about Brenda...