Barsoom Project, The (#172) 

1989-09Dream Park NovelAce Books, paper, 1989

0-330-31670-2Larry Niven and Steven Barnes

SFBC February 1990, First HB;
British Edition: Pan, April 1990, trade and HB
Alex Griffin;
Arthur Cowles;
Marty Bobbick;
Ollie Norliss;
Tony McWhirter;
Gwen Ryder
Collaboration, co-written with Steven Barnes
Sequel to Dream Park


Eviane's first visit to Dream Park - a state of the art amusement arena - had ended in disaster. The special effects had seemed more real than life.... until the holograms she was shooting at with live ammunition turned out to be solid flesh and blood - and very, very dead.

Once a woman of spectacular beauty, she is now plump and out of condition. A prime candidate for the weight-losing fantasy game known as Fat Rippers. Haunted by the past, rebounding from a lengthy spell in a mental hospital, she has returned to Dream Park to exorcise a nightmare that has become reality.

But in Dream Park, nothing is what it seems. And once again her dreams will become frighteningly real as the past begins to repeat itself - this time with Eviane as the target...