Madness Has Its Place (#177)

1990-08Known Space: Man-Kzin Wars Short StoryMan-Kzin Wars III
K.S. 19 (2375-83)

Isaac Asimov's War, ed. Gardner Dozois, Ace 1993;
Man-Kzin Wars: The Best of All Possible Wars, ed. Larry Niven, Baen 1998 Three Books of Known Space
Jack Strather;
Anton Brillov;
Phoebe Garrison
First Known Space story since The Ringworld Engineers in 1979
describes Sol's first response to the Kzin invasion

A Known Space story, first published in Man-Kzin Wars, Vol. III. At the end of "the long peace," the coming of the Kzinti make it clear that perhaps there's a place for Earth's paranoid schizophrenics after all.