Playgrounds of the Mind (#178)

1991-10n/a CollectionA Tor Book, published by Tom Doherty Associates, Inc., October 1991

Collection info
Sequel/companion to N-Space. Contents:
excerpt from Inferno with Jerry Pournelle
excerpt from A World Out Of Time
excerpt from "The Ethics of Madness"
excerpt from Lucifer's Hammer with Jerry Pournelle
excerpt from The Ringworld Engineers
excerpt from The Magic Goes Away
excerpt from The Patchwork Girl
excerpt from Oath of Fealty, with Jerry Pournelle
"Retrospective" with Steven Barnes, section from Dream Park
excerpt from The Legacy of Heorot, with Jerry Pournelle and Steven Barnes
excerpt from Footfall, with Jerry Pournelle
excerpt from The Gripping Hand, as The Mote Around Murcheson's Eye with Jerry Pournelle
excerpt from Fallen Angels, with Jerry Pournelle and Michael Flynn
excerpt from The California Voodoo Game, with Steven Barnes,
Thraxisp: A Memoir
Teardrop Falls, A
Becalmed in Hell
Wait it Out
Relic of the Empire, A
Soft Weapon, The
Borderland of Sol, The
What Good is a Glass Dagger?
Defenseless Dead, The
Unfinished Story
Cautionary Tales
Dreadful White Page, The
Green Marauder, The
Assimilating Our Culture, That's What They're Doing!
War Movie
Lost Ideas, The
Bigger Than Worlds
Ghetto? But I Thought...
Adrienne and Irish Coffee
One Night at the Draco Tavern
Trantorcon Report
Why Men Fight Wars and What You Can Do About It
Portrait of Daryanree the King, The
Wishing Game, The
Lion in his Attic, The
From the Green Lantern Bible
Wanted Fan
Works in Progress