Ringworld Throne, The  

1996-06Known Space: Ringworld Novelhardcover, Del Rey, 1996; paper tk
K.S. 37 (2882-93)

1-85723-399-9Larry Niven

Omni Comics adaptation (excerpts) by Richard Corben Louis Wu;
Louis encounters more Pak Protectors
2nd sequel to Ringworld


Sequel to the multi-award winning original, Ringworld, and The Ringworld Engineers.

In the latest adventures of the big ring, Louis Wu's attentions are needed once more, as Protectors are fighting among themselves, vampires are on the move, and it begins to look as if the Ringworld itself needs a Protector all its own. But who will sit on the Ringworld Throne?

Compared to Ringworld and The Ringworld Engineers, this book has generally been considered disappointing. Readers have complained that the plot is confusing and that much of the book focuses, not on the activities of Louis Wu and crew, but on characters he encountered in The Ringworld Engineers. However, some think this makes it more interesting. Do not pass up the opportunity to have many questions about the Ringworld answered, including that of who is really in charge.