Three Books of Known Space

1996-11Known Space: Collection CollectionDel Rey, 1996, paper

A Known Space anthology spanning the entire timeline of Niven's future history. The book is made up of World of Ptavvs, A Gift from Earth, and Tales of Known Space, with "Madness Has Its Place" replacing "The Borderland of Sol." Contents:
Timeline for Known Space
My Universe and Welcome Back!
Coldest Place, The
Becalmed in Hell
Wait it Out
Eye of an Octopus
How the Heroes Die
Jigsaw Man, The
World of Ptavvs
At the Bottom of a Hole
Deceivers, The
Cloak of Anarchy
Warriors, The
Madness Has Its Place
Gift from Earth, A
There is a Tide
Safe at Any Speed
Bibliography: The Worlds of Larry Niven