There is a Tide (#30)

1968-06Known Space [all] Short StoryGalaxy, June 1968
K.S. 34 (2830)

Nederland anthology, as "Er Is Een Getij" in Het Heelal Van Der Dromers;
German anthology, Galaxy 12, as "Das Glucksdspiel," Wilhelm Heyne Verlag, München, 1969;
Hole in Space, A
Tales of Known Space
Three Books of Known Space
Louis Wu;
First appearance of Louis Wu and his "sabbaticals," as well as Trinocs.

First printed in Galaxy, June 1968. Louis Wu, on sabbatical in deep space until he can stand the sight of another human face again, detects a slaver stasis box, the biggest ever found. But another ship is homing in on his target, and Louis finds himself gambling with the Trinocs for his prize... and his life!