Wait it Out (#31)

1968-07Known Space [all] Short StoryFuture Unbounded, program book for FUnCon 1968
K.S. 03 (1989)

Anthology, Tomorrow's Worlds (revised), edited by Robert Silverberg (cloth and paper);
anthology, The Science Fictional Solar System, edited by Isaac Asimov, Martin H. Greenberg and Charles G. Waugh;
German anthology, Abenteuer Weltraum, paper, as "Gestrandet Auf Pluto," 1981, Bastei Lubbe;
Science Fiction, Science Fact, and You, Robert J. Lowenherz & Lila Lowenherz, Amsco 1996;
All the Myriad Ways
Inconstant Moon
Playgrounds of the Mind
Tales of Known Space
Three Books of Known Space
Sammy Cross;
Jerome Glass;
unnamed protagonist
Harlan Ellison called this a "new wave" story.

The tragic story of the first manned expedition to Pluto, and the fate of the surviving astronaut who finds a unique way to prolong his lifespan in hopes of rescue.