All the Myriad Ways (#36)

1968-10Time Travel/Parallel Universe Short StoryGalaxy, October 1968

Anthology, Worlds of Maybe, edited by Robert Silverberg, 1970;
graphic, Psycho, November 1972 (as "All The Ways and Means to Die");
Graphic adaptation with Howard Chaykin in Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction #5, Marvel Comics, Sept. 1975, includes Niven interview;
anthology, Galaxy: Thirty Years of Innovative Science Fiction, with memoir, cloth and paper, edited by Frederik Pohl, Martin H. Greenberg, and Joseph D. Olander, Playboy Press, 1980;
anthology, The Way It Wasn't, ed. Martin H. Greenberg, Carol Publishing Group/Citadel Twilight 1996;
anthology, The Best Alternate History Stories of the 20th Century, ed. Harry Turtledove & Martin H. Greenberg, Ballantine Del Rey, 2001;
All the Myriad Ways
Best of Larry Niven, The
De Stranden Van Serius Vier
Gene Trimble Hugo nomineeEbook
Niven's take on divergent timelines

First appeared in Galaxy, October 1968. Detective-Lieutenant Gene Trimble faces an increasing number of bizarre suicides in a world struggling to come to terms with its place in a multiverse of different timelines, where every decision ever made by anyone becomes an alternate universe.