Stars and Gods

2010-08n/a AnthologyTor Books, August 17, 2010

A collection of excerpts from Niven's short stories and novels from approx 2004 - 2010.
Each selection is accompanied by a brief introduction.
Excerpt from Ringworld's Children
Excerpt from Rainbow Mars
Excerpt from Escape from Hell
Excerpt from Burning Tower
Excerpt from Building Harlequin's Moon
Excerpt from Fleet of Worlds
Excerpt from Juggler of Worlds
Excerpt from Beowulf's Children
Excerpt from Achilles' Choice
Svetz and the Beanstalk
Choosing Names
Hunting Park, The
After Mecca
Cadet Amelia
Cat Toy
Gatherer's Guild, The
Solipsist at Dinner, The
Boys and Girls Together
Rocket Men
Wet Mars (Larry Niven Talks Terraforming)
Where Next, Columbus?
Choosing Life
Free Floaters
Finding Myself
Missing Mass, The
Safe Harbor
Hooking the Reader
Larry Niven Interview by Brenda Cooper in 2000 AD
Food Story for the Con Jose Program Book
Inconstant Moon Has Passed