Juggler of Worlds

2008-09Known Space [all] NovelHardcover, Tor/Tom Doherty and Associates, New York, 2008

Nessus, Nike, Sigmund Ausfaller, Feather Filip, Julian Forward, Sharrol Janss, Gregory "Elephant" Pelton, Beowulf Shaeffer, Carlos Wu, Ander Smittarasheed, Jason Papandreou, Anne-Marie Papandreou, Chuft-Captain, Slaverstudent, Telepath collaboration with Ed Lerner set in Known Space and on the Puppeteer Fleet of Worlds
A sequel to Fleet of Worlds

Niven and Lerner continue with the "Rozencrantz and Guildenstern" approach begun in Fleet of Worlds, re-telling some of Known Space's greatest stories from the point of view of the Puppeteers.