Organleggers, The (#37)

1969-01Known Space: Gil Hamilton Short StoryGalaxy, January 1969
K.S. 10 (2123)

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Israeli edition, along with The Patchwork Girl, data in Hebrew;
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Shape of Space, The
Inconstant Moon
Long Arm of Gil Hamilton, The
Gil Hamilton;
Luke Garner;
Jackson Bera;
Owen Jennison;
Julio Ordaz;
Kenneth Graham;
Taffy Grimes;
First Gil Hamilton story, featuring Luke Garner as Gil's boss. A.k.a. "Death By Ecstasy"

First published in Galaxy, January 1969. This story introduces Gil "The Arm" Hamilton, a member of the U.N. police force. When a wirehead's corpse turns out to be an old friend of Gil's, he refuses to accept that it was a suicide. The clues lead Gil to an elusive organlegging gang and a terrifying showdown with a criminal mastermind....