One Face (#4)

1965-06Known Space: Prototype Short Story Galaxy, June 1965

French, Galaxie, Juin 1967 as "La Face Cachee de la Terre";
paper, anthology, Science Fiction-Verhalen, Meulenhoff, Amsterdam, as "De Schaduzijde";
Alpha 8, ed. Robert Silverberg, Berkley 1977;
Shape of Space, The
Convergent Series
De Stranden Van Serius Vier
Inconstant Moon
Verd Spacercaptain;
Chanda Metalminds;
Lourdi Coursefinder;
Strac Astrophysics;
Jimm Farmer
Stand-alone, NOT a Known Space story though it contains names and themes that were later folded into Known Space

First printed in Galaxy, June 1965. A doomed interstellar passenger ship, Hogan's Goat, suffers an accident during an interstellar jump and doesn't come out of protective stasis until millions of years in the future, only to find that the Earth has become tidally locked, a "one face" world. This early work is not a Known Space story, though it contains names and concepts that would later appear in Known Space.