By The Red Giant's Light

2017-11stand-alone Short StoryThe Magazine of Fantasy and Science Fiction, Nov/Dec 2017

The Year's Best Military & Adventure SF: Volume 4, David Afsharirad, Ed., Baen 2018 Darby, "Frankenstein" Niven continues to demonstrate that he thinks on the largest possible scale, as characters with lifespans of eons observe the death of planets.

In the far distant future, two odd companions observe the red giant known as Sol from a safe distance on Pluto. Darby is post-human, capable of surviving on her own for many years in Pluto's harsh environment; the robot she dubs Frankenstein was sent by agents unknown to observe as Mercury makes its final plunge into the swollen sun. Darby must find a way to convince Frank to help help divert a comet that threatens to smash into Pluto and destroy them both.