Dead Guest Of Honor Speech, The

2017-05stand-alone Short StoryGalaxy's Edge, May 2017

Nathaniel "Nat" Van Horne Banthry, Jr.;
Massook Hennessy;
Wednesday Fitzgerald;
Cheri Hannefin
Two subject that are dear to Niven's heart - immortality and SF conventions - collide in this short story.

A deceased science-fiction writer awakens over 50 years later to find he's still popular enough that a science fiction convention wants his computer-stored personality to appear as their "Dead Guest Of Honor." Nathaniel Van Horne Banthry, Jr., is a pretty clear analog for Lawrence Van Cott Niven. Niven has cast himself as "Nat" in more than one story, going as far back as "Footfall," and here he also mentions "Wade Curtis," Jerry Pournelle's fictional alter-ego.