Leviathan! (#47)

1970-08Svetz Short StoryPlayboy, August 1970
s. 2

anthology: Last Train to Limbo, Playboy Press;
SeaSerpents!, ed. Jack M. Dann & Gardner R. Dozois, Ace 1989;
The Playboy Book Of Science Fiction: Forty-five Years Of Uncensored Tomorrows, ed. Alice K. Turner, HarperPrism 1998;
Flight of the Horse, The
Playgrounds of the Mind
Rainbow Mars
Hanville Svetz;
Ra Chen
Svetz meets Moby Dick

First printed in Playboy, August 1970; one of two stories that Niven has had published in Playboy. Svetz is sent again into the past to find a sperm whale, but he encounters more than he bargained for when a giant sea serpent starts eating his time machine!