What Good is a Glass Dagger? (#52)

1972-09Magic Universe: Warlock Short StoryFantasy and Science Fiction, September 1972
W. 03

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Flight of the Horse, The
Magic Goes Away, The
Playgrounds of the Mind
Time of the Warlock, The
De Stranden Van Serius Vier
Aran the Peacemonger
Werewolves and necromancy and trolls, oh my!

First published in Fantasy and Science Fiction, September 1972. This sequel to "Not Long Before the End" continues the story of the Warlock and his terrible secret, which is slowly leaking out with many unforseen consequences. Niven delves deeper into his world of mana-based magic, exploring the true nature of werewolves, the dark art of necromancy, and the mystery of Atlantis.