Defenseless Dead, The (#69)

1973-09Known Space: Gil Hamilton Short StoryTen Tomorrows, anthology, edited by Roger Elwood, paper
K.S. 11 (2124-5)

Graphic edition: as “The Defenseless Dead, A Tale of Known Space", Adventure Comics: Malibu Graphics, February, March, April 1991.;
Long Arm of Gil Hamilton, The
Playgrounds of the Mind
Best of Larry Niven, The
Gil Hamilton;
Luke Garner;
Jackson Bera;
Taffy Grimes;
Holden Chambers;
Charlotte Chambers;
Leviticus Hale
"Corpsicles" and an unexpected hiding place for an organlegger

A Gil the ARM story. When the First Freezer Bill was passed, "Corpsicles" (hopefuls who had themselves frozen in the late twentieth and early twenty-first centuries) lacking funds or investments to support themselves were being thawed and dumped straight into the organ banks for parts. With a second Freezer bill pending, this time to dispose of those remaining Corpiscles (those with money), the Corpsicle heirs are generating much attention in the press—and from potential kidnappers.