Kind of Murder, A (#73)

1974-04Flash Crowd/Teleportation Short StoryAnalog, April 1974

anthology, Alfred Hitchcock's Your Share of Fear, 1982, Davis Publications, edited by Cathleen Jordan;
Futurecrime, ed. Cynthia Manson & Charles Ardai, Fine 1992;
Cyber-Killers, ed. Ric Alexander, Orion/Millennium 1997;
Hole in Space, A
Capt. Hennessey teleportation crime story

First published in Analog, 1974. A teleportation tale in the vein of "The Alibi Machine." With the advent of instantaneous travel in the form of JumpShift Booths, there's no longer any easy escape from those annoying people we'd much rather avoid. So what's the alternative when they just won't leave you alone no matter where you go?