Key & Glossary:

Dates ending in -00
Where ever possible, we've listed the month and year that each work was published: 1996-11, for example, means a story was published in November of 1996. However, when no month was apparent, we listed the date as 1984-00. When data about the month of publication becomes available, it will be incorporated into the database.

A traditional song modified with sci-fi-themed lyrics, or an original composition with sci-fi-themed lyrics.

In-Universe Chronology. Use this column to find out the chronological order in which certain stories take place (as opposed to the "Date" column which tells you when they were written).
A. = Avalon "Legacy of Heorot" stories
D.T. = Draco Tavern
K.S. = Known Space
S. = Svetz time-travel stories
W. = Warlock "Magic Goes Away" stories
Note Many stories fall into groups but have no little or chronological relationship to one another, such as the Léshy Circuit stories, or the various fantasy stories set in the "Magic Goes Away" universe of the Warlock.

Opus #
Larry Niven has published several bibliographies over the years, most recently in Three Books of Known Space. The "definitive" bibliography, however (at least up to 1993), appeared in the convention booklet Bridging the Galaxies. In that bibliography, which is updated from the version that appeared in N-Space, each published work is given an "Opus Number." In the course of compiling this database for, the editors corrected some errors and redundancies in the old listing, and added over a hundred new entries that weren't previously listed (or were published after 1993). Therefore we have given each published work a new Index number, while listing the Opus Numbers here for the sake of completeness.

A copyediting term meaning "Information to come." If you come across a TK in the Database, that means that we still need the data. Please send all additions to Dave Lambert.


Updates to the Database
The Database is always open to updates and corrections. Please contact Dave Lambert at if you have a correction or update. In all cases please be thorough, accurate and objective.
1. If you spot erroneous data, TKs, or broken links in the Database, or uncover a published work that is not yet listed, please contact Dave with the correct data and its source. Corrections without detailed citations will not be posted.
2. Note that some entries in the Database are open to interpretation. All arguments will be considered but not all suggestions will be implemented.
3. When new works by Niven are announced or published, please gather all the relevant data that you can for submission to the Database. The more detail the better.
4. There is room for more data in the Database, even new columns of data. Complete and accurate submissions will be accepted eagerly, in almost any format. Suggestions without accompanying data will not be considered. Currently there are no Database administrators available to research and create new columns of data. Fact-check carefully and give credit where credit is due.