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Hello, Edward M. Lerner reader!

My latest near-future thriller -- this time dealing with medical nanotechnology -- was released on October 13. A new book's release is always exciting, but this release is doubly noteworthy. That's because SMALL MIRACLES is this month's "SCI FI Essential" title.

And what is that? "SCI FI has teamed up with Tor Books, the largest publisher of science fiction and fantasy in the world, to spotlight some of the best new science-fiction novels, from both new and established authors.... Each month we select a new book as a SCI FI Essential. That means it deserves to be counted among the finest works of the genre."

And to top off that endorsement, here are some early reviews:

"From its explosive beginning to its explosive finale, Small Miracles is fast paced and very high tech and reads like a Michael Crichton novel. It is extremely intriguing and provocative; I couldn't put it down, especially during the last fifty pages when so many lives were in danger. The epilogue is wonderfully downbeat and open, letting the reader know that the real nightmare has just begun."


"I was royally entertained. For the duration of the book, I was convinced I understood nanotechnology.

Larry Niven Hugo and Nebula award-winning author of Ringworld

" 'Miracle: an event or act that breaks a law of nature -- especially one attributed to a deity.' Well the miracles in Edward M. Lerner's new book may be small ones but they fit the definition in that they definitely aren't natural -- which could be a problem. When God makes a miracle it is a wonder; but a man-made miracle can as easily be a blunder. We are only human after all ..."

Brian Lumley Grand Master of horror and author of Necroscope

"Edward M. Lerner's Small Miracles is a splendid combination of hard SF and a technothriller about nanotechnology gone really, really wrong."

Eric Flint New York Times bestselling author of the Ring of Fire series

"Lerner shows what it might be like to live in times of artificial intelligence. An entrancing and frightening novel."

Jerry Pournelle New York Times bestselling coauthor of Escape from Hell

Edward M. Lerner
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